ZF Construction Systems has been providing leading-edge, total solution advanced technology for the manufacture of lightweight steel frames and trusses buildings combine with the modern technologically advance low cost and higher strength wall materials that reduses the tolal cost of the building construction by half than the conventional Sand and Red brick technology.

  • a) Building Types
  • Residential

    Zealfaron's technology for the production of light gauge steel frames and trusses is market proven in competitive volume residential group housing projects.

    Zealfaron's technology has been used in residential applications in 80 countries. The technology can be used to manufacture light gauge steel frames and trusses for a range of projects from volume one and two low rise residential group housing projects to five level apartment buildings.

    Commercial Structures

    Zealfaron's light gauge steel framing technology has excellent commercial capabilities.

    The 140mm Panelised Fabrication System can build standalone light gauge steel structures up to 8 levels high.

    As an external rain guard of a building and internal walls of a multistory building there is no height limitation.

    The light gauge frames for a commercial building can be built onsite including with the rollformer operating on each floor as constructed or in a factory with framing transported to site.

    Steel Trusses

    Zealfaron's truss fabrication system has both residential and commercial capability.

    The truss technology uses a patented top hat profile and an engineered bolted connection. The truss technology is fully engineered and can produce roof trusses and floor joist trusses.

    Transportable & Modular

    Zealfaron's panelised fabrication system allows high speed manufacture of transportable and modular houses in factory environments.

    Zealfaron's technology is well proven offsite manufacturing technology for modular, transportable and bathroom pod markets.

    Social Housing

    Zealfaron's light gauge steel frame & truss technology has been used for social housing and humanitarium projects in a number of countries.

    In the Phillippines, Habitat for Humanity in conjunction with one of our local customers has built 3,500 houses since 2005.

  • b) GFRG Technology
  • The combination Steel structure and GFRG that stands for Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum panels Provide a very light weight and more rigid buildings than Conventional Sand and red brick buildings and also reduces the cost of labour and material to half. The panels are manufactured in sizes of 12 m long,3m height and 124 mm (5 inch) thick thus providing more carpet area. The hollow cavities inside the panel is filled with concrete to provide more strength to the panel. GFRG panel costs 999 per sq.m. Below is an image showing GFRG panel and its internal structure.

  • c) Advantages of ZF buildings and ZF construction
  • There are a number of reasons why steel frame building is such a popular building method in South Africa today. Here are a few advantages of steel frame building and steel frame structures for commercial, industrial and agricultural building needs:

    Versatility: Steel frame buildings are extremely versatile, and can be customised according to the clients’ needs. Talk to a professional steel frame building company, like Zealfaron Structures, about your steel structure requirements.

    Construction time: Steel structures are quicker to erect than conventional building methods. This allows for faster construction times and cost-saving benefits.

    Cost-effective: Steel frame construction is very cost-effective when compared to other building methods. This will lower the building costs for the client, without losing on quality of the structure. To get a quote on the steel frame structure you require, contact Zealfaron structures today to speak to a professional consultant.

    Quality and durability: Steel frame structures are very durable, as steel will not warp, crack or deform over time. The steel frames are also resistant to fires, fungi and termites, making it ideal for a number of industrial and commercial applications. Contact Zealfaron Structures for more information about our steel frame building services.

    Zealfaron Structures is a trusted steel frame building company, and will provide you with a comprehensive service when it comes to your steel structure needs. We have assisted many of our clients across South Africa and neighbouring African countries to obtain the steel structures for their industrial, commercial and agricultural building needs. Our team delivers quality and professional work that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Get a quote for your steel structure from the leading choice of steel frame building companies today.