Mr. Abhiram Gunasekaran is the Founder and the current Managing Director of Zeal Faron India pvt. Ltd. with over 13 years of experience in Wind turbine design, manufacturing and business development. With a proven track record in leading businesses towards their full potential, as a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Abhiram Gunasekaran has managed numerous successful ventures, especially in the energy sector.

He also has vast experience in product and conceptual Design of industrial, Automobile and Wind turbine Gearbox and leading the Product design team, and handled several gearbox design projects ranging from 1.5 Megawatt to 9.5 Megawatt. He was also responsible for the design of one of the world's largest wind turbines and gearbox of 9.5 Megawatt capacity currently in the field as prototype. He holds a Bachelor of engineering degree from the Anna University.